Woman Wants Her Young Beauti Back And Now You Can't Even Recognize Her

We all like to be comfortable with the way that we look but the unfortunate reality for many of us is that we will have a complete if we have to describe ourselves. We look at ourselves in the mirror and we don’t always see what other people see and sometimes, we tend to focus in on our imperfections. Even if we don’t allow it to consume us, it does still bother us and sometimes it can really lower our self-esteem if we are not careful. one woman who fell similar to this is Janice. When Janice looked at herself in the mirror, she was tired of what she was seeing. It seemed as if a stranger was always looking back at her with a messed up hairdo and frizzy locks. Although she had a fantastic personality that matched her hair nicely, she did realize that a change was necessary. She didn’t try to do it all on her own, however, she enlisted the assistance of Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy. She knew that if anyone was going to do something with her looks, it would be him. Janice didn’t have any request as far as her new look was considered. She just wanted Christopher to take the ball and run with it. She even had this to say to the camera crew and she was smiling big when she said it. “Every time one [of Christopher’s] videos would pop up on my Facebook, or I’d see him online, I clicked on him… This is way out of my comfort zone”
She saw his online videos and decided to make the phone call and get an appointment. She really wanted a change. Christopher was ready to jump in with both feet but first, he took a look at her long hair. He knew that it just wasn’t right for the shape of his face and before she could protest, he grabbed her hair and chopped off a big part of it. Christopher continued to cut down on the length and now he was ready to attack the frizz. When she was on her way to a shorter hairdo, he knew that he was working on something wonderful. Janice wasn’t watching what was taking place during the makeover and when he spun her around to see the mirror, she started crying. You can watch the transformation for yourself in this remarkable video: