Woman Wants To Surprise Husband So She Goes For The Short Sultry Blonde Look

There is something that all of us would benefit from doing every once in a while. We tend to become accustomed to living with ourselves and seeing ourselves so it’s good to step outside of the lines every once in a while and get a fresh perspective. 

We may even have been happy with what we were doing to keep up appearances for years and we may check things in the mirror regularly but if you really take a look, you may find that things could use a little improving. That is something Mary discovered when she went to the Makeover Guy’s Minneapolis studio. She wanted a haircut to look a little younger but ended up walking out it as a new woman. Christopher Hopkins is the Makeover Guy and he does makeovers at his local shop in Minneapolis but he is also quite popular online. He is a singer, producer, entrepreneur and author but his viral fame comes from when he works in the hair care industry. He opened the Christopher Hopkins salon in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1990 and he was also a host for the show. Ever since then, his focus has been on makeovers.

 He offers a number of different services at his primary salon but it really depends on what is requested. Some of the options include haircuts, hair color, wax, makeup and complete makeovers. Christopher is doing more than just changing the way that people look, he is changing lives. Ann is a regular client and he gave her a sassy look that made her daughter smile from ear to ear. When Christopher was cutting her hair on a regular basis, they developed a friendship.

 Another client is Pam and she comes in with her 86-year-old mother regularly for makeovers.
Perhaps that is why Mary was so excited when she came into the salon. She had grown tired of her current look and was looking at some makeovers on YouTube. She had been using the same hair color for over 20 years and she knew it was time for a change. Having a shorter haircut was a good start.
 When Christopher revealed the haircut to her and the color she was amazed. She had a pixie cut platinum blonde look that worked well for her. She was sure that her husband was going to love it. The makeover was an anniversary gift surprise for her husband because they had been married for 27 years. She’s looking forward to showing him the new look.
 You can see the transformation in this video: