Woman Warns Pet Owners Of ‘Silent Killer’ Lurking In Homes That Killed Her Dog

After having to put down her 2-year-old Golden Retriever, Luna, a Wisconsin woman named Samantha Carress has been devastated. The fact that Luna’s death was avoidable has hit the owner hard, and she is doing everything possible to caution other pet owners about a hidden “dog killer” in their homes.

Luna, like every other dog, used to frolic around the home and bite into anything she deemed edible. She ate the whole package of lemon-flavored chewing gum without realizing that the delicious foods were artificially flavored with Xylitol, a deadly poison for dogs.

Samantha and her spouse were in a panic as Luna’s liver function failed and she dropped. There was only a remote possibility of saving the dog with a $20,000 operation. However, because to their lack of financial resources, the family had no choice but to abandon their cherished puppy in a heart-breaking manner.

Samantha has now become accustomed to reading contents labels for Xylitol and will no longer purchase such items in order to protect her other dog from harm. Authorities claim that the number of people poisoned by Xylitol has increased over 3000% in less than 10-years, therefore it’s even more vital that pet owners check their home cabinets and keep Xylitol-containing away from their dogs & other pets.