‘World’s youngest bodybuilder’ who began training at 11 is unrecognizable

Cosmo Taylor, who was just eleven years old when he started training to be a bodybuilder, looks unrecognizable after ten years! The young man documented his journey for the 10 years, and it directly went viral all over the world.

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Taylor, who is now in 20s, has photos of himself when he was 14 years old while exercising.
Now in his early 20s, the fitness fanatic shows no sign of letting up

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It was obvious that he would become a star in bodybuilding sport.

Recently, the man shared photos showing his work on muscles in Inverness, Scotland.


Some other pictures on Facebook show the great young star flaunting his impressive abs by lifting weights. He shared that his main target is to be known all over the UK.

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He said in an interview that he aimed to keep the fat in his body less than 8% by undertaking cardio before going to school and lifting weights daily for about an hour.


He also added that his father, who is also a bodybuilder, and his mother encouraged him as they are interested in sports. He said that his father was the main reason as he is his training partner, his gym buddy, and surely his coach.


In another interview, he is super lucky to have great support from his family as his sister, who is a competitive power, comes with him to the gym. She has also won some gold medals.

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Taylor said that his diet was strict as he used to eat oats, sweet potato, brown rice, and lean mean.

He just had a cheat day every week!

Cosmo reportedly began training as a bodybuilder when he was 11

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He also claimed that having a good physique took many years as he lifted weights more than his to become the way he is now!
The then schoolboy said it had 'taken years to build a good physique'

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The bodybuilder also added that to dehydrate himself to give him a vascular look and to bring his muscles to the surface, he does not drink water on the day before his shows.


He said that every one of his school friends asks him questions about how to pump up his chest and how to have bigger muscles and arms as they are fascinated by his body. He is so great!



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