Young Couple Starved 16-Week Old Infant Twins After Leaving Them Alone for 4 Days to Go Out Partying — One Baby Dies

Most parents would not allow their newborn children to leave their sight for even a minute. However, a couple in Russia decided to leave their apartment and lock the door with their twin babies inside so they could go on a four-day bender with no one there to care for their children. Only 16 days had passed since the little girl and boy had entered the world, but despite their need for love, care, and attention, their parents decided it was more important to party and drink than to be responsible parents. Now one of their children is dead after starving to death. The mother, 23-year-old Margarita Yanayeva, and her boyfriend, 35-year-old Alexy lied to their friends, telling them that their children were in the hospital undergoing treatment for the coronavirus, according to a report from the Daily Mail. The residents of Vilyuchinsk reportedly went out on a drinking binge and partied for four days while their infants were starving to death.
“In the course of four days they were not feeding the children, and did not arrange alternative care for them,” an investigation source said.
However, instead of being there to take care of their babies, or at least leave them with someone to care for them, the parents “subjected them to hunger, did not ensure hygiene, leaving the minors were in a socially dangerous state.” Meanwhile, the twins’ grandmother said she had been calling, trying to contact the parents for days. She knew that their area was still under lockdown and became worried when she couldn’t reach them. She immediately called the police out of serious concern for their safety and went to the apartment to check on everyone. According to the Mirror, the grandmother was the one who found the twins who were in a “gravely emaciated” condition. The twins were rushed to the hospital located in the Kamchatka region. Sadly, the baby boy passed away after he had been in a coma while his sister is still in grave condition fighting for her life. The parents are now facing murder charges and face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.