Young Man Is Struck By Lightning While Camping Then His Quick-Thinking Girlfriend Saves His Life

There is nothing quite like going on vacation and enjoying a little bit of rest and relaxation. It provides us with the opportunity to recharge and come back swinging with a renewed sense of purpose in life. When we are on vacation, we expect everything to go as smoothly as possible but what if your vacation suddenly turned disastrous or even deadly? That is what happened to this young couple and the issue happened to strike out of the blue. Juliet Moore and Isaiah Cormier had the weekend off so they packed their tent and went camping. They chose Ruby Gulch, an area of Colorado that is known for its beauty. After the tent was set up, they were ready to do some serious relaxing. In order to get in the mood for the relaxation to come, they took a hike but they went back to the tent when the weather started turning. They put all of the gear in the tent so it didn’t get wet. Juliet took shelter in the tent but a bright flash caught her attention outside. She called for her boyfriend but when he didn’t respond, she was alarmed. She looked outside and saw that he was facedown on the ground that she started to panic. Juliet ran outside and turned her boyfriend over. She didn’t feel a heartbeat and he wasn’t breathing but her instincts took over. She had recently learned CPR so she started with chest compressions immediately. After a few minutes of CPR, Isaiah took a deep breath but then he stopped breathing again. Juliet kept up the chest compressions hoping that he would wake up. She felt that he was too young to die and they had many years ahead of them. When Isaiah did wake up again, Juliet dialed 911 on her cell phone. A camper nearby also came over with his son and they put Isaiah into the car and took him to the hospital. Not many of us could say that our girlfriend saved our life but thanks to her quick thinking, Juliet saved her boyfriend.