Your Secret Personality Traits Are Revealed In Your Feet

There are two types of people in this world, there are those who enjoy taking tests and those who would do anything to avoid them. It really doesn’t matter which category you happen to fall in, however, you will appreciate this easy test that tells you something about your personality. When we stop to think about it, we take tests all of the time and we don’t often realize it. For example, counting out change at the checkout line sometimes put us under pressure but it’s a test that most of us get through without really any thought. On the other hand, trying to take a math test at school is something that can make you break out in a sweat. The personality test that we have for you below, however, is the type of test that will not make you sweat, unless you happen to hate your feet. After all, it’s just a fun little test that is said to reveal something about your personality and it only takes a minute to do. Take a look at your feet and the shape of your toes. The shape of your toes can reveal a lot about your personality, and most people don’t realize this. Of course, we realize that it’s all in fun but you might be surprised that it has a lot of truth to it as well. Find your foot structure below and see what it has to say about your personality: 1. Tall toes – short toes
More than likely, you have either Egyptian or Arabian ancestors. That is the type of foot that is commonly seen in that part of the world. As a result, you are likely from nomadic stock so you can probably walk a long distance. Your big toe can sometimes cause problems when you are looking for shoes, but you may still walk around barefoot. 2. Same Length
People of Germanic ancestry tend to have toes that are all the same length. These individuals had to work hard in physical labor to get by. You may have a farming background and didn’t even realize it. With this type of foot shape, you probably are somebody who makes good decisions in life. 3. Second toe longer
Greek individuals tend to have feet that are shaped like this so you may have some Greek blood. The longer toe, known as Morton’s toe is a feature seen in Greek statues. You tend to be a creative individual and you love sports. You also have a lot of energy and do well as a leader. 4. First, second, and third toe same length
Has anybody ever told you that you have Roman ancestors? This type of foot is known as a peasant’s toe and your ancestors were probably Roman farmers. Like your feet, you have a lot of balance in the way that you live your life. You tend to think of the glass as being half-full and you are an explorer. 5. Small toe sticks out
If you have this type of toe, then it means that you approach life more like a child. Your outlook is fresh but it’s not without its problems. You don’t have a problem finding friends. If you can wiggle your little toe then you tend to be an impulsive individual. You make decisions fast, which doesn’t always work in your favor. 6. Very small little toe
You probably have British ancestry. Four of your toes are about the same size so you probably have a difficult time finding shoes. There is a little mystery that surrounds you as an individual. You keep your feelings close to you but you also enjoy taking a chance every once in a while. Get out there and explore. 7. Middle Toes Slightly Longer
This type of foot is typically for those who have a strong family. You enjoy taking care of others and your personal relationship is of the utmost importance. You try not to disagree with people and even if you do disagree with them, you don’t show it easily. If things are not going exactly the way you want them, you may curl your toe. 8. Middle toe sticks out
You tend to be a focused individual that thinks deeply. You might also try to do everything just right and at times, your perfectionism can get in the way.